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Simple. Real-time. Better.CSV Reports was designed from the ground up with a specific goal in mind: to improve productivity.It requires a minimum of user intervention, processes data automatically and is completely real-time.It reads CSV files in real-time, by default at the highest possible resolution. That’s something we never offer on any other application, not even with equivalent file types.To top it all off, it provides an interactive, user friendly UI. And a solid set of features to boot.Enjoy.What is a CSV File?A CSV file is a tab delimited text file.This means that it consists of rows and columns separated by a tab character.Usually, each row consists of a name, a subject, a text body and some other additional information.Examples of CSV FilesBelow are examples of some common CSV files.Name,Subject,BodyTeam A,Sports,OkayTeam B,Sports,NotSo,What is a CSV Report?A CSV report is a combination of a CSV file and a simple report definition.It means that CSV files are read in real-time and processed completely automatically.The only user intervention required is to define the report that will be displayed.So, in a way, this is a notepad with an automatic compiler, a report designer with a real-time compiler.All of this in a user friendly UI.PS: We do offer a simple HTML report that you can view, but in our honest opinion, it can’t compete with the power and versatility of a CSV Report.What is the minimum system requirements?The minimum system requirements are quite easy to understand.If you want to use the program, you need to have.NET Framework installed, otherwise it will not work.Dont forget to check our other software categoryCAMPAIGNDRZEŚCIE testSoftware Product:CSV ReportsDate Available:6 Mar, 2018BASIC FEATURESImport to/from:CSV FilesInterface:CompactSoftware Name:CSV ReportsOpener:The program will try to open files by default from the application folder.You can override this behavior if you want to specify the location manually.Report Designer:You do not need to have any experience with the program 08929e5ed8

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